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Why is it so expensive to visit Bhutan?

Why is it so expensive to visit Bhutan?
Why is it so expensive to visit Bhutan?

On the surface, Bhutan seems like an expensive place to visit. In the off-season (June, July, August, December, January and February) it costs $200 USD per person, per day, and during the rest of the year (March, April, May, September, October and November) it costs $250 USD per person, per day for groups of three or more. There may also be an additional charge for a group of fewer than three people. For groups of two, it costs $280 USD per person, per day; a solo traveler is $290 USD per day. Know more about minimum daily package rate

Bhutanese cuisine


But please remember that this is ALL-inclusive of 3-star hotel accommodations, a private guide, a private driver, entrance fees to sites, and all meals (including tea and coffee). While it’s more than you would spend on an independent trip to nearby India or Nepal, but it’s not a bad deal considering all that is included in that fee.

3 Star Hotel Migmar located at Olakha

(photo courtesy: hotel migmar website)

What important is to understand the philosophy behind the mandatory minimum, in that it creates a high-value/low-impact tourist destination. This developing country with a low GDP gets as much money as possible from tourism without the impact that tourists often cause. This said, Indian and Bangladeshi nationals do not have to pay that minimum charge and pay the hotels and restaurants directly, but many Bhutan nationals would like to see this policy change.

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