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A Leisure Photography Tour

A Leisure Photography Tour

bhutan photography tour
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We are the ARTISANS OF LEISURE tour OPERATOR offering photography tours in Bhutan. You will be guided by some of the best Bhutanese photographers. We will take you to the right place at the right light; you will go home with mesmerizing shots of a picture perfect country.

We guide photographers of all levels, from point and shooters to professionals. If you are a rookie, our guides will tutor you. If you are a pro, we will scout locations, research facts and arrange necessary permits/VISA, so that you can do what you do best, shoot.

An added incentive would be to time your trip with one of our many festivals.


Our Bhutan trip starts from Paro, where we meet in the evening of day 1 before embarking to Thimphu Paro the next day.

We have an early morning flight into Paro and then a slow drive through the countryside to get familiar with the landscapes. Normally this drive takes about 1 hour, but with a group of photographers we like to take all afternoon. Once in Thimphu we’ll get acclimated to the pace of life in Bhutan and visit some local spots for photography and discussion.

Punakha has one of the most beautiful Dzongs in the entire country and we’ll explore it from every angle. Several other temples in the area offer unique photographic charms too and the village of Chimi is a particular favourite for sunrise.

This secluded valley gets really cold at night but we’ll be cozy in a farmhouse with log fires and hot stone baths. The valley still continues with a very basic rural style and offers us a chance to really slow down and contemplate the art of photography.

This drive is beautiful and dramatic with lots of scenic stops along the way. Trongsa is the highlight of the journey with my favourite Dzong of all Bhutan dominating the view. The chance to see monks engaged in their traditions is excellent, and there’s often a chance to see monkeys engaged in mischief too.

Bumthang is worth visiting regardless of festivals, but the presence of two unique festival events on the calendar makes it even better. No two festivals in Bhutan are the same and each day of dance is a new experience and new opportunity. They are spectacular, and a little challenging. We’ll have time to talk about techniques plus reviews to help us advance our skills and try again the next day. There are many others around the Jakar valley and we’ll have a chance to visit some of the quiet ones.

We return back to Paro for a little pampering in the most scenic valley Bhutan has to offer. We’ll get up close to the scenery in a serious way by ascending the trail to the Tigers Nest. It’s a steep climb but we take it slowly and have the entire day ahead of us. The Tigers Nest is remarkable, a fitting highlight to finish our journey.

We leave Paro on an early flight into Thailand, hoping to arrive in Bangkok before 8pm. Exact details of our departure flight may vary according to weather conditions and we recommend you do not book onward flight from Bangkok until late evening on day 16 or plan another night or two in the city before flying home. And why not, Bangkok is a great city!

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