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Know Bhutan

Facts About Bhutan

National Flag of Bhutan
National Flag of Bhutan

Full Country Name : The Kingdom of Bhutan
Area: 38,394 sq km

Population: 7,33,643 (2005 First modern  census)
Capital City: Thimphu – Population: 99,000 (2011)
Urban Population: 35.6% of total population
Language: Dzongkha, English, Sharchop, Nepali etc
Religion: 70% Buddhist, 25% Hindu, 5% others
Government: Democratic Constitutional Monarchy

Bhutan's King and Queen

Bhutan's King and Queen

His Majesty, the King Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck was extremely popular even before he married a commoner, Jetsun Pema. His family line has welcomed the throne for the past 100 years. He is the fifth ruler in his family to take possession on the crown & he is popularly called as (common man’s King)

rime Minister of Bhutan

Prime Minister of Bhutan

H.E. Dr. Lotay Tshering (PM since 7 November 2018, leader of ruling Druk Nyamrup Tshogpa). He won landslide victory in second edition election in 2018 by defeating DPT(Druk Phuensum Tshogpa).


06 hours ahead of GMT and there is only one time zone throughout the country.

National Language

The official language in Bhutan is Dzongkha. English is also a medium of communication and most Bhutanese speaks English. Other widely spoken languages are: Nepali, Bumthap, Sharchop and Hindi.

National Animal

National Animal

The Takin is Bhutan’s national animal. It lives in forested areas in mountain areas of 4,000-meter altitudes and above. Takin’s have a stocky body on short legs with two-toed hoofed feet. It has a long nose and stout horns. These animals feed on bamboo, grass, leaves, and other plants. Takin are rare, therefore they are an endangered species.

National Sport

National Sport

Archery is the National game – sport of Bhutan and also the favorite pastime.

Bhutan Flower

The national flower of Bhutan is Blue Poppy. This unique flower grows above tree level on rocky mountain regions.

National Day

National Day is celebrated on 17 December and commemorates the ascension to the throne of Ugyen Wangchuck, the first king of Bhutan , at Punakha Dzong on 17 December 1907.

National Bird

The national bird is the raven because it adorns the royal crown. It represents the deity Gonpo Jarodonchen (Mahakala with a raven’s head), one of the most important guardian deities of Bhutan.

National Tree

The national tree is the cypress, which is often associated with religious places.


All towns in Bhutan have a reliable power supply. Electricity is not available in some of outlying areas of the country. The voltage supply is 220/240, the same as India.

Bhutan Currency

The unit of currency is called Ngultrum (Nu), which is at par with Indian Rupee. Until the 1960’s, Bhutanese bartered goods and services because there was no paper money. Today, in addition to ngultrum, you can use Indian rupees at different shops and restaurants around the country.

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