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Bhutan Flight

Bhutan Flight Schedule

Currently, there are two airlines carrier – Druk Air & Bhutan Airlines operating its flight services in Bhutan. All flights operations take place in and out from Paro, located at 2235 meters above sea level

Druk Air

Druk Air operates from Bangkok(Thailand), Kathmandu(Nepal), Delhi(India), Guwahati(India), Bagdora (India) Dhaka (Bangladesh), Singapore, Bodhgaya (India), Mumbai (India) & Kolkatta(India).

Please check with Druk Air website for the exact flight schedule. As it is subject to change due to the weather  conditions and also for  routine maintenance exercise. Some time they also put additional flights to cope up with on season demands.

Bhutan Airlines

Bhutan Airlines operate to five destinations, Kolkata (India), Delhi (India), Bangkok (Thailand), Kathmandu (Nepal) & Paro(Bhutan). For schedule and fare, please visit Bhutan Airlines website

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